Garrotin class with live guitar


Beginner class is at The Telephone Factory Studio, 828 Ralph McGill Boulevard, Atlanta, GA, 30306 (404-884-3158)

♦ TUESDAYS ♦ 6:45pm-7:45pm 
The beginning student is introduced to the simpler palos (rhythms) of flamenco through a series of specific studies: technique: flamenco posture; torso & shoulder + exercises for flamenco movements: exercising the wrist, palm and fingers (hand movements); exercising the head and arms; basic head and arm positions. The student will also learn Sevillanas, a regional dance of Seville, known for its charismatic, lively gracefulness. This is performed in schools, parties, weddings, bars, and of course the annual Seville Spring Fair.

Men and Women welcome! Come join us! Class series will end on a Sevillanas fiesta.

• Time and Day: every Tuesdays at 6:45pm-7:45pm
• Duration: 6 Weeks series.
• Dates: January 21st – February 25th

Call 404-884-3158 now to secure your placement. 

Tuition:   $120

♦ WEDNESDAYS ♦ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm ♦ NEW CLASS STARTS     WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15th, 2014!

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the various flamenco palos (rhythms), including Soleares, Alegrias, Tangos. Students use the dance steps and techniques they have acquired in Beginning Flamenco Class to get closer to performing these dances properly. Students learn more complex arm and body movements and more complicated footwork.

This class is open to all those who have completed at least 2 beginner series at Studio Dionne or who already have flamenco experience. Here we focus on helping students develop individual expression in choreography and musicality and on perfecting technique.

The class will aim to increase dancers’ competence and confidence in three key areas: choreography, musicality and technique. The first 30 min of the class are technique only.

There will be a performance in May 2014 for those who will want to take their dance to the next level and perform the choreography they’ve learned in class.

SPRING 2014: TECHNIQUE + FARRUCA ! Student performing experience is offered with recitals and community shows.

Dates: January 15th – May 14th

Call: 404-877-0005 now to secure your placement. 

Tuition:   $150 – 10 classes card

Where: All INTERMEDIATE classes are at STUDIO DIONNE School of Dance and Music 524 Plasters Ave NE  Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 877-0005


♦ PRIVATES by appointment
The private class can be focused on technique, choreography, compas, footwork, braceo, etc.


Flamenco Classes at Studio Dionne