What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a music and dance form that originated in Andalusia, in the south of Spain about 200 years ago. It encompasses a great number of styles with different origins, melodies, rhythms and types of verses or stanzas. It is very important to know all this elements to be able to dance with authenticity these songs or “cantes”.

Upcoming shows

  Paco Peña Flamenco Company will be performing in Atlanta Location: Rialto Center for the Arts Date: Saturday, Nov. 7 Time: 8:00 PM. Pre-show lecture & flamenco dance master class, “Sounds of emotion in Flamenco” will also be presented on Nov.


♦ FLAMENCO FLAMENCO! New classes start at DANCE 101 Adults Technique and Choreography Beg-Inter. New Series start Oct. 6! EVERY TUESDAYS, 8-9PM Classes break for 2-3 weeks at the end of December through early January. Dance 101 was voted “Best Exercise Alternative”


  ◊ MIGUEL VARGAS FLAMENCO WORKSHOP – FALL 2014Immerse yourself in this new season of flamenco by joining Miguel Vargas classes in Atlanta. There are a variety of classes and locations for your convenience!!!CLASS DESCRIPTION: • CASTAÑUELAS: Or “palillos”. In this

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